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It's always helpful to write your county, city or municipality's commissioners.  Monroe County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) contact emails are listed below.  

Share this website with friends and ask them to pass it along to their friends, too.  Join us!  We need Keys FOLKs to send letters to the Editor of local newspapers, County Commissioners or currently it's the EPA and the DEP!  


Letter writing campaigns change from time to time, but the email addresses listed below are always handy.  


Numbers matter!  Your presence at meetings and letters really make a difference! 


Water quality in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is not improving, despite the millions spent on centralized sewers.  One reason – the city of Marathon still uses shallow wells to dispose of its sewage affluent. The National Marine Sanctuary, and the Mayors and council members of Marathon, Key West and Islamorada need to know what you think. Please email them directly, or send your email to us and we will take it to the Sanctuary meeting and copy the Mayors and Council members (this helps us so we can tally them and print them out and present an impressive stack of responses). 

Step 1 – Write an email!  

Step 2 – Send your email to the County Commissioners.  Copy and Paste the list below to start your email:

* And include our:


Florida House Representative - James "Jim" Mooney, Jr.:

Florida Senate - Ana Maria Rodriguez:

**Include the FOLKs email so we can keep a tally of responses.

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