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Pollution Free is the way to be!
Stop Shallow Sewage Wells!
To the EPA & Florida Department of Environmental Protection,

Please stop permitting the use of shallow sewage wells in the Florida Keys.

Property values, our tourist industry, the health of all who
use our nearshore waters are at risk. Our coastal waters
and our reefs are what make the Keys the Keys.

Shallow sewage wells:

  • Pollute our coastal waters – the nursery for
    marine life.

  • Allow partially treated sewage effluent to travel
    through porous limestone to reach our coastal
    waters, beaches and reefs. 

  • Contribute to Keys-wide and decades-long
    non-compliance with federal and state water quality
    laws and consistently deteriorating water quality trends.

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Sponsored by:
Florida Bay Forever, Florida Keys Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America, Florida Keys Citizens Coalition, Florida Keys Environmental Fund Inc., Friends of the Lower Keys (FOLKs), Key Deer Protection Alliance, Inc. (KDPA), Last Stand, Reef Relief, Save Summerland Native Areas, Stock Island Association (SIA), Upper Keys Citizens Association, Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners Association (CGPOA), Sugarloaf Shores Property Owners Association (SSPOA), Surfrider Foundation Florida Keys.

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