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FOLKs is a group of concerned residents working to preserve the unique character of the Lower Keys,  our environment, and our quality of life.  As you see from our logo, we may have formed in the Lower Keys, but the projects we’re involved in impact the ENTIRE Keys.

Currently, FOLKs is asking the EPA and FDEP to stop permitting or renewing permits for shallow sewage wells. Our property values, our tourist industry, the health of all who use our nearshore waters are at risk. Our nearshore waters and our reefs are what make the Keys the Keys. 

Past & Ongoing Projects

We successfully settled a lawsuit against the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority to get a deep well for the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

We continue opposition to adding more ROGOs/BPAs (building allocations) because they undermine over 30 years of science-based and court-approved growth limitations for the Keys.

  • Hurricane evacuation becomes more dangerous, not to mention that everyday traffic will be unbearable.

  • Our fragile marine environment cannot tolerate more development -- it's deteriorating now, even without the additional building allocations.


We work with scientists and lawyers, boaters and commercial fishermen, residents, students and divers to educate and inform ourselves and others about the issues endangering our quality of life and our marine coastal waters.

We communicate the with regulators and policy makers, and when we can find no other way to protect our waters and our quality of life, we litigate. We’ve been successful using both approaches.


We currently have a PETITION asking the EPA and FDEP to stop permitting and renewing permits for shallow sewage wells.  This will benefit the ENTIRE Keys.  What happens in one Key doesn’t stay in one Key – we are all hydrologically connected!

Help our cause! Please sign our on-line PETITION, then ask 10 of your friends to sign the Petition, and have them ask 10 of their friends.  Our voices are always stronger when we speak together!

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