FOLKs is a group of concerned residents who want to preserve the low-density community character of the Lower Keys. We oppose adding 1300 more ROGOs (building allocations) because they undermine 30+ years of science-based and court-approved growth limitations for the Keys. Hurricane evacuation becomes more dangerous and everyday traffic unbearable. Our fragile environment cannot stand more development: the marine ecosystem is continuing to deteriorate even without additional development. We say NO to 1300 more ROGOs!

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Save Lives, Save the Keys, Stop OVERDEVELOPMENT!


  • Makes Evacuation Dangerous

  • Degrades our Water Quality

  • Causes Daily Traffic Nightmares

  • Costs us All

  • Ruins the Keys.


We support building affordable housing for Keys workers. But we oppose creating

1300 more development allocations to do it. And it needs to be truly affordable and

for the Keys workforce.

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Friends of the Lower Keys (FOLKs)

Last Stand

Island of Key Largo Federation of 
     Homeowner Associations

Sugarloaf Shores Property Owners
     Association (SSPOA)

Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners

Lower Density for Lower Sugarloaf LLC

South Point Homeowners LLC

& many more groups joining daily!

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